Five Tips to Help If Your Shower Screen Door Is Not Opening and Closing Easily

When you are ready to take a shower, you deserve an easy process, not a shower door that gets stuck in the tracks and is hard to open. Tired of wrestling with your shower screen? Work through these steps:

1. Make sure the track is clean.

If the track of your sliding shower screen is dirty, the debris can prevent the door from moving smoothly. Open the door, and use a thin cloth with a bit of shower cleaner to clean the exposed part of the track. Wrap the cloth around your finger so that you can get deep into the corners of the track.

Then, close the door and clean the side of the track that's exposed in the shower when the door is closed. Repeat this process a couple of times. If there is gunk on the bottom of the shower doors, it will get into your recently cleaned tracks which is why you need to repeat the process at least twice.

2. Oil the tracks.

Once your tracks are clean,your shower screen should slide open and closed easily. If it doesn't grab a can of WD40 or whatever oil you like to use. Then, apply liberally to your shower screen tracks.

3. Replace the wheels.

If oiling and cleaning have not yielded the results you want, it's time to take off your door and check the wheels. Be careful -- shower screen doors can be heavy, and you may want another person to help. Remove the door from its tracks by lifting up slightly, tilting the bottom of the door outward and pulling it out.

Depending on the design of your shower screen, there may be wheels on the top or the bottom of the door. If the wheels appear to be rusty, bent or otherwise damaged, order a new set of wheels from the manufacturer or find some at your local hardware store. In most cases, the wheels are secured with a simple screw and removing and replacing them is pretty straightforward.

4. Straighten the edge of the screen.

While checking on your wheels, also visually check the bottom of the door and make sure it is straight. If the metal, especially around the wheels, appears to be bent, you can easily straighten it. Cover the metal with a towel to protect it from scratches, and then gently bend the metal with a plier until it's straight.

5. Survey for other damage.

Finally, if your shower screen is cracked or has other damage, that may also make it difficult to open and close. In this case, contact a company who specialises in fast shower screen repair. They can fix your screen and get it working perfectly.