From Vases to Windows and Everything In Between: Glass Blogs

How to Clean Your Newly Repaired Glass Shower Door

Are you wondering about how you will avoid damaging your newly repaired shower door after it has gone through emergency glass repairs? Read on and discover some of the cleaning techniques and products that will keep that glass spotlessly clean without putting it in danger of cracking during the cleaning process. White Vinegar Two things […]

How To Apply Gold Leaf Decoration To Stained Glass

If you really enjoy making your own stained glass, you might be interested in learning how to enhance your creations with gold leaf. The addition of some beautiful gold leaf can give items such as Christmas baubles and table centre vases a real touch of seasonal luxury. Here’s how to do it. What you’ll need […]

Benefits of Aluminium Windows Versus Wood

When opting for new windows, you may be able to choose the material for the frame as well as the glass itself. While you might like the look of wood windows, aluminium windows are very popular for a number of reasons and can offer you a number of benefits over wood window frames. You might […]

Window Glass Options Homeowners Ought To Know About

Windows are essential for any residence. However, it is not simply about selecting glass and having it installed. Whether you are installing the windows in a new structure or if you have to engage in window repairs due to broken glass, it is always best to contemplate the different options available to you and the […]

A Few Tips For Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

Choosing replacement windows for your home shouldn’t be done hastily, as windows are often very expensive yet very important for your home’s appearance and insulation. The best windows may keep your home more comfortable and even save you money on your utility bills while also enhancing curb appeal, while buying the cheapest windows you can […]

Easy ways to modernise an outdated bathroom

Updating your bathroom needn’t be an expensive, complex process; there are actually quite a few simple, affordable ways to modernise this area of your home.  Change the flooring Replacing your bathroom flooring will have a dramatic effect on the space as a whole (even if you choose not to alter any other feature in the […]