Benefits of Aluminium Windows Versus Wood

When opting for new windows, you may be able to choose the material for the frame as well as the glass itself. While you might like the look of wood windows, aluminium windows are very popular for a number of reasons and can offer you a number of benefits over wood window frames. You might note a few of those benefits here so you can ensure you always choose the right materials for your home, including for the window frames.


If you have oddly shaped windows in your home, including rounded or hexagon shapes, note that aluminium is very easy to cut and bend. Trying to shape wood around a round window can be difficult, and remember that wood expands and contracts over time as it absorbs humidity and then dries out. For oddly shaped windows, this can mean an even greater risk of the area around the window cracking and otherwise getting damaged. Since aluminium retains its shape, it's a better choice for these odd shapes of windows.

Maintenance and durability

Wood windows need consistent sealing as well as painting or staining. Even with this work, they may get cracks and chips, and parts of the window will need repair or replacement over time. Aluminium windows don't rust, rot, chip or crack, so they need less maintenance and repair; very often you need to do nothing to repair or maintain aluminium windows over the lifetime of your home.

Along with this maintenance, note that aluminium doesn't allow pests and insects to burrow inside the material. Wood may be home to termites and allow in ants as they crawl through the material's tiny cracks and crevices; the termites may permanently damage the wood windows so they need replacing. Aluminium is also more fire-resistant than wood, so if you live in a home with a high risk of brushfires or other fires, consider that aluminium will allow a fire to die out, whereas wood windows may simply feed the flames. Aluminium also doesn't hold moisture that allows mold and mildew grow, which can often happen with wood windows, especially in areas of high humidity such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Noise insulation

Wood may allow sound waves to travel from outside to the interior of your home. This is a concern if you live near a freeway or have noisy neighbors. Aluminium is much better at blocking those sound waves so they may provide more sound insulation for your home overall.