Easy ways to modernise an outdated bathroom

Updating your bathroom needn't be an expensive, complex process; there are actually quite a few simple, affordable ways to modernise this area of your home. 

Change the flooring

Replacing your bathroom flooring will have a dramatic effect on the space as a whole (even if you choose not to alter any other feature in the room). This is especially true for those who currently have carpeting in this part of their house; nothing ages a bathroom more than a faded, old carpet that's covered in soggy footprints every time the shower or tub is used.

It's important to be careful when choosing your new flooring; multi-coloured tiles with busy patterns are best avoided, as these tend to create a retro feel. To give the space a contemporary look, use a single-tone, pale shade. White is a wonderful choice; its ability to reflect the light means that it not only brightens up the room, but also makes it appear a lot more spacious. Do bear in mind that dirt will show up faster on paler colours so if you opt for white you should be prepared to clean the floor more frequently.

Changing the flooring isn't as difficult a task as you might think, particularly if you opt for a material that's easy to work with, such as vinyl; this is not only easy to fit, but also inexpensive and hygienic.

Replace grubby features

No matter how fastidious you are with your cleaning routine, some parts of the bathroom are almost impossible to keep completely pristine. Frequent usage of this room, coupled with constantly-changing temperatures, moisture and humidity can lead to a build-up of mildew on shower curtains and grime on the grouting between tiles. These seemingly-minor flaws can make your bathroom look quite neglected and far older than it really is.  As such, if there are certain sections of the space that you simply cannot get entirely clean, it's best to replace them.

Re-grouting is a surprisingly simple job that will make an enormous difference to the appearance of the room. It doesn't require a lot of experience or knowledge — just the right materials and a steady hand.

Additionally, if your shower curtain is covered in spots of mildew, it might be worth investing in a sleek glass shower screen. In addition to looking considerably more modern, shower screens don't require the same amount of maintenance as curtains; whilst the latter need to be taken down and machine-washed on a regular basis, the former can simply be wiped with a cloth and a spritz of glass cleaner.